Online Payment Gateway!

Pay us via Paytm.

How to Pay through Paytm?


  1. Download and Install the Paytm App.
  2. Open the app and Tap on the Scan Icon at the bottom centre of the app.
  3. Scan the above QR code.
  4. "Smartants Accounting" name appears after successful scanning of QR code.
  5. Enter the amount as requested to you by us.
  6. Choose payment modes & pay us.
  7. We will acknowledge the payment as soon as we receive it.

Troubled scanning the QR code? Pay us through Payment Gateway!

Don't worry, simply ask us for payment links. Payment links are shareable links. Clicking on these links will redirect you to payment gateways where you can pay us through debit card, credit card, UPI, BHIM, Netbanking and E-wallets.